Procurement Support

From conventional procurement processes to EU tender projects and offshore wind auction bids, at CARNEADES we specialise in large ITT projects.

In addition, we offer support in sourcing resources, services and products and the management of the corresponding contractual relationships. Additionally, we offer a full contract management service to manage the daily execution and monitoring. This will ensure that the services are delivered on time and at the agreed costs.

At CARNEADES we have led and supported on many successful large ITT projects. We have experience in designing, leading and managing the process but can also support on pre-determined tasks where needed. With commercial, contractual and legal support from the CARNEADES back office you can be assured that all aspects of the tender process are covered.

To align with the introduction of the competitive auction system, CARNEADES has developed ITT Light, which is unique in the way minimal resources are deployed to reach a Final Bidding Decision i.e. a decision whether to place a bid at the auction.

In addition, CARNEADES is ITIL certified.

Example of services:

  • IT Service Management
  • ITT projects
  • ITT light
  • Planning of ITTs
  • Structuring of risk profiles
  • Development of all documentation needed to make a Final Investment Decision
  • EPC Negotiations incl.
    • Technical/commercial design to cost processes
    • Compliant to formal tender procedures
    • EU procurement regulations
    • Continuous stakeholder interaction
  • Process design
  • Process Management
  • ITIL Contract Management
  • ITIL Service Management