Our competence

CARNEADES has many years of experience from numerous successful projects in the areas of project management, technical consulting and contract negotiations in the development, implementation and operation of onshore and offshore wind farms. With this CARNEADES can not only show expert knowledge within the range of mechanical engineering, plant construction, asset management, but also serve the individual needs of the respective industry.

Among other things, we support our customers in project management and sub-project management, in strengthening their project teams, in the area of negotiating technical supply contracts as well as in handling of special topics.

CARNEADES offers extensive experience and a network of specialists, so that we can among others build on the expertise of nearly 20 years within the range of wind energy.

Examples of services

  • Contract negotiations and auction management
  • Technical interface management
  • Technology evaluation
  • Project management
  • Management of acceptances / guarantors

Unser Branchenfokus

On- & Offshore Wind

Choosing the right wind turbine for example is of crucial importance for the profitability of a wind farm. The applies for the management of the interfaces to the wind turbine where you must ensure that the construction progress of the expensive installation vessels is not hindered. Thanks to our long experience in the field of wind turbines we are able to provide our customers with well-founded support in every project phase.

Electrical (Cable, OSS)

Due to the large number of interfaces in the electrical field interface management, both technical and contractual, is of great importance. In order to ensure a fast and smooth project execution and to prevent damages and claims at this interface CARNEADES and its team of experienced experts offers support in the area of electrical.


For a successful implementation of a wind farm project it requires not only the selection of a suitable foundation supplier, but also a coordinated logistics and installation concept with the appropriate partners and contracts. Here CARNEADES can support with the varied experience of many years within the range foundations. We know the market, the international supply chain as well as the market cycle in detail.


Despite the fact that hydrogen as an energy storage device is still at an early stage in the large-scale industrial sector, CARNEADES can already fall back on experience and expert knowledge and support this technology with the entry and further development of this technology and reduce project risks.

Maritime Sector

The particular challenges, especially in large-scale shipbuilding projects, lie in the integration of conflicting technical requirements and the multitude of interfaces at which various parties and technical products are brought into harmony with one another. With the knowledge of how to deal with these challenges in every phase of the project, CARNEADES can support this process e.g. during (ideally from the beginning of) the contract negotiation phases in order to ensure that clear responsibilities are defined.