The signs for hydrogen are clear. The cross-sectoral interest, the initiatives launched by for example manufacturers of classic combustion engines, the gas sector, the steel undustry, fertilizer and refining operators have gained enormous momentum.

The potential in hydrogen is seen in decarbonization, as a substitute for classic non-renewable energy carriers, in the use of chemical and industrial processes, as a storage medium or in the course of sector coupling. Depending on its origin, hydrogen bears different colours in its name. Often there is a reference to “green hydrogen”, which was obtained exclusively through the use of renewable energies (associated with the colour green).

In the current phase, in which we find ourselves, different application possibilities are being explored and the demand for hydrogen as well as its individual incremental costs are being ascertained. The cornerstone of these initiatives / projects is to establish a solid business case, with or without funding, in which all key influencing parameters are included. In addition, the general feasibility is explored in pilot projects. For example, how do gas pipelines have to be configured in order to allow for a particular admixture of hydrogen?

At present, the predicted sales volumes and possible incremental costs still show a high variation. At CARNEADES, we see the complexity in the new hydrogen business models:

  • different market participants from different first sectors have to work together
  • In the current phase, national or even multi-national funding and its activation plays a central role.
  • Consideration of the individual location conditions (e.g. proximity to existing energy production plants or those in the planning/construction phase).

We are pleased to support you in your initiatives or projects with our experience and a fresh view, e.g. in setting up and operating Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV), applying for funding or in the commercial and legal evaluation of your hydrogen venture.