Claim Management

If damage occurs in the project, the parties to the contract often retreat to their contractual positions. Such a conflict often threatens to jeopardize the further course of the project. Through smart claim management such conflicts can be prevented and mitigated in order to achieve a fast and smooth project execution.

In any dispute it is necessary to examine the facts of the case thoroughly and in detail in order to gain a clear view of the causes of the conflict. A good technical and legal understanding is essential for this.
In addition to the professional view of the matter, a strategic approach is also required to ensure the overall success of a project despite the dispute in question. A basic understanding of comparable project processes as well as of the needs of both sides helps here. Often a solution can be found quickly which is in the interest of both parties to the contract.

With over 10 years of experience in claim management, CARNEADES is ideally suited to support you in all phases of your claims process. CARNEADES offers you the scope of work required for your project from single claims and dispute resolutions to large claims projects. CARNEADES’ extensive experience provides a large pool of knowledge and with access to our network of specialists we can provide you an excellent service.

Furthermore, the CARNEADES Task Force Management Service offers a comprehensive claim management service. We can provide a tailor-made team of claim, legal, contractual and commercial experts who form the task force team. This team can e.g. deliver a fully managed claims package from initial investigation to claims settlement.

Examples of our services:

  • Outsourcing of claim management for plant manufacturers
  • Continuous claim management in all project phases
  • Management of major claims
  • Preparation of claim documentation and DAB procedures
  • Dispute resolution / Variation management
  • Claims for damages and availability settlements
  • Processing of major claims during the construction phase
  • Efficient processing of claims during the operating phase and at the end of the warranty period
  • Outsourcing of individual processes and tasks to enforce claims