Purchasing services lays the foundation for successful project management. Through intelligent purchasing strategies, the purchasing process can be accelerated and the field of possible bidders and thus the competition can be expanded. 

Through proper preparation of the purchasing process, holistic consideration and evaluation of the total price, and also technical details and quality, contractual arrangements and specific supplier risks, it is possible to quickly find the best partner for a successful and long-term cooperation. 

Purchase/Procurement in general 

At CARNEADES we specialize in resource, service and product procurement and the management of the corresponding contractual relationships. Our experts have many years of experience in the standardisation and optimisation of procurement processes, which can help significantly reduce your procurement costs. 

ITT Projects 

From conventional procurement processes to EU tendering projects and offshore wind auction bids, we at CARNEADES are specialised in large ITT projects. 

In addition, we offer support for the procurement of resources, services and products as well as the management of the corresponding contractual relationships. We offer a comprehensive contract management service to manage day-to-day operations and for monitoring purposes. This assists to ensure that the services are delivered on time and at the agreed cost. 

At CARNEADES we have led and supported many successful large ITT projects. We have experience in designing processes as well as process management and administration, but can also fall back on defined tasks if required. With commercial, contractual and legal support from the CARNEADES back office you can be sure that all aspects of the tendering process are covered. 

In line with the orientation of the competitive auction system, CARNEADES has developed ITT Light, which is unique by using minimal resources to achieve a final bidding decision, i.e. a decision on whether to submit a bid in the auction. 

Furthermore, CARNEADES is ITIL certified. Rooted in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), CARNEADES offers procurement support in the following areas: 

  • Service strategy contract management tasks in the service strategy: “Creation of the contract structure 
  • Service Design (Supplier Management) Contract Management Tasks in the Service Design Process: “Contract Design 
  • Transfer of Service Contract Management Tasks in the Transition Process Service: “Service Integration 
  • Service Operation Tasks of contract management in the Service Operation process: “Performance Monitoring 
  • Continuous service improvement Contract management tasks in the process Continuous service improvement: “Contract improvements 

Example of services 

  • Information on EU procurement rules 
  • ensuring compliance with formal tendering procedures 
  • Supply chain management 
  • Preparation of ITTs 
  • Structuring of risk profiles 
  • Development of all necessary documents for a final investment decision 
  • EPC negotiations, including technical / commercial design on cost processes – Conform to formal tender procedures / EU procurement rules – Continuous exchange 
  • Complete process management 
  • Preparation of ITT Light 
  • Development of all documents required for a final bidding decision 
  • process management