Strategy Consulting

Defining a strategy requires time and resources as well as the commitment of important and usually strongly involved employees. So why is it advisable to invest in a strategy?

We at CARNEADES see 4 specific reasons for the formulation and implementation of a strategy:

  1. A strategy defines the direction/goals and priorities for e.g. possible investment projects of an organisation. Without this, top initiatives are quickly down-prioritized and executed with little momentum.
  2. If the individual departments in an organisation work in different directions, the definition of a strategy can bring purchasing, production, logistics, operations and other departments back into line with the central organisational goals.
  3. Decision making is simplified, because the possible action corridor and priorities have been defined.
  4. It can become a catalyst for facilitating the approval and commitment of the management team and the organisation.

CARNEADES has the know-how and project expertise to formulate a strategy (objectives, guidelines and concepts). Together with our clients, we develop fields of action and approaches to solutions (objectives, cooperation models and roadmaps).