IPCEI promotes Europe’s Hydrogen Initiative

Europe’s central value chains are to be strengthened The European Commission targets to strengthen Europe’s competitiveness and global leadership in 6 strategic and future-oriented industrial sectors.   Hydrogen technologies and systems have by the European Commission’s Strategic Forum on “Important Projects of Common Interest” (IPCEI) been identified as one of them. Therefore, twenty-two EU member states and Norway signed the Manifesto for the Development of a […]

Market insights: Hydrogen holds significant value creation potential for the economy

Germany is strongly committed to hydrogen which is reinforced with the introduction of its “Nationale Wasserstoffstrategie” (National Hydrogen Strategy or NWS) in late 2020 as well as its financial support for the latest hydrogen lead projects (“Leitprojekte”) in the beginning of 2021. The aim of the German government is to establish coherent value chains through […]

Will the offshore wind market envisage a breakthrough for HVDC grid connections?

In the past HVDC connections of offshore wind farms were typically common in German (or Chinese) waters, with big and heavy platforms, voluminous equipment and all together a high CAPEX. The market was dominated by TSOs only and their regulatory obligation to connect offshore wind to the grid on time but not necessarily on an […]

Dietmar Gosch joins Carneades

Hamburg, 22.10.2020 Dietmar Gosch joined the Carneades Project Services team this month as Senior Contract and Claim Manager. Dietmar has a long track record in offshore wind expanding over almost two decades. His experience includes the negotiation of the supply contract and the project management of the Beatrice Demonstrator for the former WTG manufacturer REpower […]

Market insights: Germany’s National Hydrogen Strategy close to the finishing line

Hydrogen is considered a key element for the energy supply and a decarbonization strategy. Its field of use is versatile: hydrogen can serve as an energy carrier, an energy storage medium, for the sector coupling and as an essential resource within chemical and industrial processes. With its “Nationale Wasserstoffstrategie” (national hydrogen strategy or NWS), which […]

Cross-sector industries and global supply chain are shaken by Corona

Market insights – Identify legal scope of action and critical supply chain activities Cross-sector industries and global supply chain threaten to break down due to the Corona virus crisis. In addition, the crisis puts various branches massively under pressure and is heavily striking the labor factor, since laborers are forced or advised to stay home. […]

Corona – Maßnahmenpaket zur Existenzsicherung

Die aktuelle Lage um Covid-19 birgt Unsicherheiten und Herausforderungen für die gesamte Weltwirtschaft. Um den drohenden Leistungsstörungen und Insolvenzrisiken von nationalen Unternehmen jeder Größe flexibel begegnen zu können, hat das Bundeskabinett heute einen Gesetzesentwurf zur Abmilderung der Folgen der Covid-19 Pandemie beschlossen. Der Gesetzesentwurf dient als Formulierungshilfe für die Koalitionsfraktionen und sieht tiefgreifende Ergänzungen zum […]

Market insights: Now time to rest – Northern German states are investing in their hydrogen future

The interest in hydrogen and its potential in general for the energy policy and in detail for dedicated business cases is enormous, although hydrogen is not a new topic and has been researched for decades. While only a few participants were represented at previous trade fairs or workshops, there seems to be a cross-sector interest […]

Insolvency Risks – a significant, but manageable risk

Developers and operators of wind farms are subject to the risk of losing the WTG supplier or other major contract partners due to either insolvency, an M&A process or shut down of the business activities. Recent examples are the WTG manufacturers, BARD, Adwen and most recently Senvion, but also monopile and tower manufacturer Ambau. Depending […]