As an independent consultancy company CARNEADES offers support on all phases of your on- and offshore wind project. Our internal and freelance consultants have years of experience from major wind farm developers and deliver standard or bespoke projects tailored to match your exact needs.

At CARNEADES you will always have the right people, at the right time for your project. With a large pool of internal and external experts we deliver a fully flexible setup depending on your wishes.

Team Size

At CARNEADES you choose the size of the team needed for your project. A custom team can consist of one to several highly-qualified experts who will work on an agreed scope of works to achieve and deliver clearly defined results. The team setup can be adjusted at short notice to match the different stages of your project and the team can at any time draw on the legal and commercial experience of the entire CARNEADES staff, to ensure the final result matches your expectations.

This flexibility is a major advantage, which will help you cover all eventualities a project may face and hence add the expected value.

Integration level

You decide the level of integration that you need for your specific project. While assigned to your project, the CARNEADES expert can become an “internal employee” and fully integrated into your organisational structure. Alternatively, your chosen team can work from your facilities as required or from the CARNEADES office.

Regardless of your chosen level of integration, your chosen expert team is still embedded in the CARNEADES professional competence network, ensuring up to date industry knowledge and personal development roadmaps.

The CARNEADES expert

Besides our own employees, CARNEADES has access to a large network of skilled professional freelancers. All our experts are experienced players in the on- and offshore wind and grid transmission industry and consist of Contract & Claim Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Legal Counsels, Procurement Specialists, Commercial Managers and other project relevant professionals.

All experts are handpicked by our recruitment team and are strongly committed to the CARNEADES level of quality.

As part of the CARNEADES flexible service setup, the required resources can be made available for immediate deployment into your project whenever and for as long as needed.

CARNEADES provide all the needed support to our experts. The period of assignment will match your project needs and timeline. With a fully flexible setup an assignment can last from 1 month to a much longer duration, as required.


Within the CARNEADES group, you will also find CARNEADES LEGAL, which is an independent law firm. With legal experts in the on-and offshore wind and grid transmission industry. CARNEADES LEGAL is available for legal support and advice as needed.

The combined forces of the CARNEADES group is what really makes the CARNEADES consultancy service unique.