More than 20 consultants.
With international background and broad track records
from market leading companies & projects.
Dedicated to best practise in Energy and especially Offshore Wind.
Ready to support your projects with the highest standards.

Because we know your business – in detail!

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Early Development: Permit & Grid

  • M&A advice on project rights
  • BSH Permission
  • Grid Access
    • Continuous advice on securing grid access
    • Successful claim compensation for lost feed in tariff due to grid delay

Final Development: EPCI Negotiations

  • Preparation of ITTs
  • Structuring of risk profiles
  • EPC Negotiations, incl. technical/commercial design to cost processes – Compliant to formal tender procedures / EU procurement regulations – Continuous interaction

Financial Close: Project Finance and Partnering

  • Project internal risk assessment
  • Preparation of data room for financing/partnering
  • Interface for negotiation of risk profile requirements and implementation in EPCI contract negotiations

Execution: Construction Phase

  • Development of best practices and tools for Contract Management
  • Continuous Claim Management
  • Settlement of disputes / variation management
  • Interface to TSO and BNetzA for grid code Compliance and grid connection

Claim Management, DAB & Arbitration

  • Outsourcing of Claim Management for WTG manufacturer
  • Continuous Claim Management in all project phases
  • Management of Major Claims
    • Successful negotiation and settlement (>100 M EUR)
    • Preparation of Claim documentation and DAB procedures

Operation and Maintenance

  • Drafting and negotiation of WTG service agreements
  • Negotiation and execution of Direct Marketing Agreements
  • Continuous Commercial and Claim Management during operation, esp.
    • Logistics contracts
    • Compensation claims and availability settlements