Custom-fit and targeted 

Tailor-made project management and targeted service provision – a project manager or a project team from CARNEADES can take care of the planning and set up of a project organisation, consistently control the implementation and tackling of problems to ensure the joint success of the project.

By using reliable methods, tools and procedures we review your current project management processes, can identify potential for the improvement of current processes and / or controls and can make specific recommendations for improvement.

CARNEADES is “best-in-class” in end-to-end process thinking in purchasing, in contract and claim management, and also beyond their functional limits. For more than 15 years we have been supporting our customers of different industries and sizes with the implementation of pilot and large scale projects. We live the continuous rhythm of process improvement internally.

Our Expertise


At CARNEADES we specialise in resource, service and product procurement as well as in the management of the relevant contractual relationships. Our experts have many years of experience in the standardisation and optimisation of procurement processes, which can significantly reduce your procurement costs.

Contract Management

At CARNEADES, we have many years of consulting experience in contract management of large, for example, offshore wind energy projects. We are able to take over the commercial, technical or legal contract management for you and are proud of our holistic and pragmatic approach.

Claim Management

For our customers, CARNEADES ensures the financial, timely and factually owed services and also support our customers in all phases of claim management. CARNEADES offers you the required, tailor-made project support for individual claims and dispute resolution as well as for large claims projects.

Task Force Management

CARNEADES Task Force Management supports comprehensive service for time-critical and risky undertakings. We provide a bespoke team of experts for claims, legal, contract and trade professionals who make up the task force team. This team can deliver, for example, a fully managed claims package from the first investigation to the settlement of claims.


As a globally networked team of regulatory specialists, we support you in regulatory matters and offer you solutions that are necessary for success, for example in the energy industry.

Regional Specialisation

We consider the individual conditions on site and at the same time act as a reliable partner. Knowledge of the supply chain, applicable law and cultural conditions are important for success.

Strategy Consulting

CARNEADES uses the know-how and project expertise to develop a strategy. Together with our customers, we develop fields of action and possible solutions.

Operational Excellence

The efficient interaction of IT, processes, employees and stakeholders as well as their continuous and sustainable development has operational excellence as its goal. We find opportunities and new ways.


CARNEADES offers a fully flexible service and takes on complete work packages with the highest quality of work. It is this flexibility that makes CARNEADES’ project management unique.