Regional Specialisation

Companies that want to be active on the international wind market are faced with the challenge of acquiring knowledge about the respective market and building up a network of local partners. Only with sufficient knowledge about the respective market can they succeed in competing in the market.

Acquiring local knowledge can be a laborious tedious and personnel-intensive process that takes a lot of time. In some cases this process is too long to realize the desired project.

With its experience in various international markets, CARNEADES offers its customers the opportunity to use this experience and quickly access the existing network of partners. CARNEADES supports both the development of new business areas in international markets and the implementation of existing international projects.

Examples of services

  • Meeting “local content” requirements
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements of the respective local market
  • Negotiation of contracts with local partners
  • Supply chain management of local companies

Our Expert for Taiwan

Alexander Kruse

Managing Director
+49 (0) 40 6370730-0

Our Expert for Japan

Tobias Voigt

Managing Director
+49 (0) 40 6370730-0