Erfolgreiches Seminar zu IT Outsourcing Verträgen gemäß ITIL

On 28 January 2017, CARNEADES held a seminar on IT outsourcing contracts based on the ITIL best practice standards with a practical approach.The trainer Michael Klemt, head of the CARNEADES office in Braunschweig, provided the participants with the do’s and don’ts of contract management in this area. The experiences of the seminar participants from different sectors (for example offshore wind, shipping company, IT service provider, etc.) with the implementation of the tasks of the contract management in ITIL led to exciting professional discussions, followed by very positive evaluations in the feedback records. But that could almost be foreseen, as Michael Klemt is a very experienced colleague in this area. By extensive practical experience gained from the support of outsourced application management contracts, especially in the automotive sector, he was able to take a future look at other industry sectors, and what they should do on this subject. All in all a very successful seminar, which will certainly be continued.