Arjen Goorse

Managing Director

Arjen Goorse is Managing Partner of CARNEADES Hydrogen GmbH, Hamburg, which provides project management, commercial and technical consulting services as part of the emergence of a commercial hydrogen economy.

He is an experienced project, commercial and functional management professional who has gained more than 30 years of experience in project development and implementation in the energy and process industry.

As part of his master’s thesis, he researched an integrated fuel cell system back in the 1990s and conducted a thorough energy and exergy analysis. Immediately after the turn of the century, he played a leading project management role in various development and implementation of major hydrogen generation plants, using various chlor-alkali technologies and steam methane reforming. Followed by the entry into water electrolysis technology in 2015. From early 2021 partner and co-founder of Carneades Hydrogen which focuses on service to projects in the field of green hydrogen production, distribution and usage.